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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Competition Winners

Announcing the Winners of the 1st People's Poetry Competition!

1st place    Dashboard drawing board (by Steven Harz)
2nd place   In Synch (by Emily Axelrod)
3rd place   Acknowledge the Fall (by KWP)

The runners up are:

Right Here And Now (by Emma Lee)
World Traveller (by Lynn Tait)
Shingle Beach (by 80206)

Based on the total prize pool of £200 the final prize break down will be as folloews:

1st Prize   =  £100
2nd Prize  =   £50
3rd Prize  =    £25
The runners up will each receive £10. 

All winners will be notified by email to congratulate them for their achievement and to arrange payment of prize monies.

Congratulations to you all and thank you all for your support.

Monday, 8 July 2013

People's Poetry Competition Shortlist

Here is the shortlist of the 10 most popular entries into the 1st People's Poetry Competition.

Please take the time to read the entries by following the links below then cast your vote for your favourite in the poll located in the righthand side bar. 

Thank you.

49. Acknowledge the Fall
20. Arles
3. Dashboard drawing board
6. In Synch
36. My Bag
47. Right Here And Now
82. Serenade of the Wind Chimes
21. Shingle Beach
37. Who is She?
81. World Traveller

Note: Due to the faint text in the results table your vote may not appear to register until total votes for an entry reach 5-10. Do not be discouraged - every vote counts!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

People's Poetry Competition closes.

As of midnight the People's Poetry Competition is now closed to new entries.

The Competition page will remain open to comments and 'likes' for a period of 1 week to allow people to read the latest entries. At that time the page will be temporarily taken down while the short-list is compiled. The final short-list will then be posted across the People's Poetry pages and Blog to allow the People to pick their favourite.

Here is a link to the final list of all Competition Entries. Please take a moment to take a look and like those you like :)

Thank you to all who have entered the Competition or otherwise shown your support and good luck to all Entrants!

84. The Knock

The Knock

Death met his match
at my father's door today.
He was welcomed as if an old friend.

You're not afraid of me? Death asked
What a silly question, Dad's response
as he put on a Beethoven symphony.

Most folks shudder when I come knocking,
their hands covering their faces.
I've lived a long time and am ready for you.
I've had a good life.

I like that, Death said
I need to think on it some
as he turned to leave.
You're not taking me with you?

Not just yet - maybe never.
You will change me, make me smile.
I'll be listening to music
and become joyful.

83. Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

No song can be sung by the mute
No wind can be heard by the deaf

Yet it is us who despair
Yet it is us who salute

the laws stripping others of rights
the laws telling others they're wrong

Still it is us who are blind
to the 'Yeses' among the 'Nos'.

The inability to follow our noses
leads us right to the brink of the world

where we stand still and look down
like a flock of half-suicidal lemmings.

Now, I really do hope we'll jump...

Surely, there is something on the other side 
or not...

It just takes one leap of faith

One leap of Faith. 
Not two,not three, not four, 
not five, not six, not seven

Just one.
One Leap of Faith
to change it all; to follow the heart into an abyss

Yea, it's not even that grand.
it's just a leap of faith

Hop, hop...

Monday, 24 June 2013

82. Serenade of the Wind Chimes

Serenade of the Wind Chimes

Hello and goodbye was all he had 
time to say.
Life just seems so unfair when 
things turn out this way.

God thought he was too special 
for this troubled place of 

So he took him without 
explanation, and gave him a 
better life.

I know your heart is broken, and 
your eyes are filled with tears.
Thoughts of your baby boy will 
flood your heart for many many 

Please take this little gift, 
and hang it in a tree.
It will play a serenade as you 
soon will see.

A gentle breeze is blowing. 
Look to heaven past sky blue.
And when you hear its serenade, 
he is thinking of you too.

81. World Traveller

World Traveller

Gonna rise up
find my direction magnetically...
from "Rise" by Eddie Vedder
You have gone on a journey without us
without me -
taken the high road.
Inside jewellery close to my heart -
small pieces.
What remains, rides
shotgun on every outing,
travels to places once dreamt about.
My son, universal tourist,
now, you are everywhere,
in a single motion.